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Food Costs on the Rise

Just as we are getting used to the HST we are hit with another nasty price increase, and I’m not talking just about fuel. I’m talking about the one thing that all humans and other species) need to survive…..FOOD!

It seems a cruel joke that as we try to improve our lifestyles and eat in a way that will keep are bodies healthy longer, the cost of a healthy lifestyle keeps rising. A family of five that I shop for on a weekly basis spent $2000 last month on food, with 75% of all items being Organic. Why is this backwards?? Should we not be rewarded for making healthy choices? Are we not a blessing to our health care system? Shouldn’t our government be taking care of those who are not a financial burden on the system? The answer to all of these questions are ‘Obviously’!

I want my clients to feel a benefit from having me do their weekly shopping, and not just in terms of having more time. I want them to be confident in my financial choices. So today I made the choice to start at Superstore (I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of non-yellow ‘No Name’ items) and it ended up saving my clients a good amount of money. It is a big difference going from Whole Foods to Superstore but the with the Farmers markets season upon us, I think making these small adjustments will help my clients bottom line. Try to see past the fact you have to bag your own groceries, you’ll get used to it, and┬ásave yourself some money!

The money saved should go towards a new pair of summer sandals, this is my professional opinion.

Ashley Dempsey