Please people, start delegating.

I am starting to realize that the large obsticle standing in the way of most women being able to delegate, is ego and impatience. First of all, we couldn’t imagine anyone being able to manage our lives better than we can (which is true most of the time). And we don’t have the patience to explain and teach another person how to do these errands that way we want them done. But here’s the thing, when our plates start to overload and our relationships suffer with the ones we love, our health and life quality will start to deteriorate…..and this causes serious line ups in our hospitals and clinics. So please people, start delegating!

When you finally decide you want the extra help in your domestic life and contact your local Personal Concierge, there will be some minor growing pains. It will take a few weeks for your Concierge to become familiar with the likes and dislikes of you and your family but when your Concierge can start thinking for you, you will start to feel the sanity of your amazing decision.

Start today, contact me and let’s take a look at your never ending to-do list and find out what I can get completed today.

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