The Importance of Communication

In an era where most people prefer to communicate by text message, facebook and e-mail, many of our important messages are lost in translation. In a business such as mine, commununication is one of the important keys to success.  When a client passes along a task it is my job to fully understand the request and complete it to their standard. In the early stages of my first client relationship I was so concerned with being a nuisance that I would take an educated guess on what the request was. This, as I quickly found, was very embarrassing and costly. As I carry on learning I know that asking those questions are so important and not a total inconvenience to most level headed individuals.

With those learning curves comes taking responsibility. As we all know, there is nothing more disconcerning than someone making a mistake and trying to blame everything around them. Unfortunately this is frequent in both the business world as in our personal lives. Taking responsibilty and being honest relates directly to strong communication which I think will make you successfull in all aspects of life.

So always remember to get all the information and be honest when it comes to making lifes little errors…..we all do it!

Ashley Dempsey

Posted August 19th, 2010 in Uncategorized.

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