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Thank you Telus

I often get asked what made me decide to start a Personal Concierge business and how I came up with the blue print this new type of service. I then recount the Telus phone call that changed my life.

I have always considered myself a patient person and one that is calm when faced with frusterating events. I had a problem with my Telus internet bill (again) and had to make that dreadful call, the one that could imprison me for 5 to 30 minutes. Unfortunatley for me it was the latter. As I twirled my hair patiently and thought of all the other things I could have been doing with my time it just came to me. People would probably pay someone to do this! And so was born my new life venture. I spent hours researching and brainstorming ideas and markets. Since this was an entirely new industry there wasn’t any guidelines which made it harder, but  because of that I could mold it to be exactly what I wanted. Personal Concierge firms are starting to pop up all over the lower mainland and I think that the industry will be far more prominent in the coming years. Even with the competition becoming larger I think that all firms are different and offer a specific style of service. For example, some companies prefer to act as a broker for all the services they provide , myself on the other hand, focus on being the face of my business and provide most of the services myself.

So that is the story of Modern Life Management’s birth,I hope she lives a very long and healthy life!

Ashley Dempsey