New Mommy

I am now reaching that age where all of my friends are shacking up, getting hitched, and creating tiny, cuter versions of themselves. This brings me to Squid (nickname of course),one of my oldest friends, who is now 5 months pregnant. Being service-minded I immediately start to think of all the inconveniences of motherhood and what services one could offer to ease this inevitable burden/gift.

Seeing as I do not have children nor do I fully comprehend the life change, I look to my friends and clients to enlighten me. So Mommys, tell me what you need?

I am putting together the ultimate Mommy Concierge Package, one that rivals all on the market. What is the one thing new Mommys need above all else? SLEEP. Sleep while I shop, arrange cleaners, provide laundry service, manage doctor’s appointments, picks up diapers and other emergency items, answer the door and filter all the unwanted visitors (M-I-Ls included). I am also wanting to offer the Baby Shower Package, this will be for those who celebrate after the magic happens, and would include managing your friends and your great aunts peacefully, creating the invites, planning the games, managing the caterers, compiling the thank you list and the dealing with the cleanup. Since I am in the drafting stages I really look forward to your expert input.

All ideas welcome!

Ashley Dempsey

Posted June 8th, 2010 in Uncategorized.

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