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Pain vs Pleasure

I recentely took part in a discussion with 11 other female entrepreneurs about the challenges we face in our respective fields. During the discussion the theory of Pain vs Pleasure came about, at what point does a human being have so much pain that they are forced to make changes (if at all)?

That’s when I realized that being a entreprneur and a personal concierge, a VERY new mainstream industry, was going to take a lot of patience. The clients that I imagined when beginging this venture were successful career women that were balancing family and a thriving career, I thought these women would be banging down my door begging for my services, but there not. These women are savvy money savers, multi-tasker extrodinaires and brilliant parents. But are they exhausted and nearing their critical leverage? Yes! This is were the theory comes into play, how many baseball games are you going to miss? How many nights are you sleeping by midnight and up at 6am? When does the pain get so bad you have to reach out and look for more pleasure? Well that is different for everyone but I vow to be there waiting when you do. Please don’t be too long, I would like to continue helping families.

Yours waiting patiently,

Ashley Dempsey