A quick look at Mrs. Beeton

For those of you who have not heard of Mrs. Beeton, she was a woman living in the 1800’s who made a important mark in history. She published a ‘How-to’ guide on being a flawless housewife.

Here are some of the few recommendations that she makes in order to maintain a perfect household:

1. AS WITH THE COMMANDER OF AN ARMY, The mistress of the house must put all duties above her own needs and keep her husband and children happy. This means abandonning ‘proper pleasures’ and amusing recreation.

2. EARLY RISING IS ONE OF THE MOST ESSENTIAL QUALITIES. When a mistress is an early riser, it is almost certain that her house will be orderly. If this is not the case it is almost certain her children will become lazy individuals.

3. ON THE IMPORTANT SUBJECT OF FASHION AND DRESS. Basically this rule states that no matter how convenient, comfortable or becoming, you must never go against the current fashion.

As we all know, this is not modern life (Thankfully!). Today women are still expected to run the household and now, have a role in brining in a portion of the family income. During the 1800’s, although demanding, the mistress of the house had a lot of help. Each middle-class home had a housekeeper, the housekeeper would help with accounting, cleaning, shopping and would live in the home to help with any day-to-day duties.

Now, how are modern day women supposed to run a flawless household and have a career? Meet your modern day mistress/housekeeper, also refered to as a Personal Concierge. The Personal Concierge can take on your endless to-do list and allow the modern women, in the words of Mrs. Beeton, ‘proper pleasures’ and ‘amusing recreation’.

With Personal Concierge companies appearing all over the world, there must be a very good reason they exsist. Wives, mothers, daughters, and CEO’s can all benefit from more time, you can’t argue that! I guarentee once you gain that first hour you will be on the road to stress free living, well….at least a lot less of it.

Thank you to Mrs. Beeton for sharing your thoughts on being a perfect housewife.

Ashley Dempsey

Posted March 19th, 2010 in Uncategorized.

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