Women in the Workforce- ‘The family/work balance’

Since 2001 B.C.’s economy has generated over 381,000 new jobs, half of which are filled by women. With so many women choosing full time jobs over staying at home, the challenge to do it all is proving to be impossible.

Having to defend their choice is another struggle that many women are dealing with, the pressure of doing it all; being a good mom, protecting their kids, guiding and teaching them through their impressionable years. Until now women have used such services as nannies and house cleaners but the growing trend of having a Personal Concierge is proving to provide working mom’s with all the help they need. Many women find themselves overwhelmed with their to-do list which weighs heavy and creates unnecessary stress. Although the list seems endless having a Personal Concierge take over your list one day a week can forever change your life and help you and your family achieve balance.

More than 34% of small businesses in B.C. are owned and operated by women this creates even more challenges with balancing family life. How many of you take your work home? On top of having to manage a household many women are managing a business. There is a solution, follow these steps and start living the life you deserve.

-The first step to creating balance is to LOSE THE GUILT!

-The second step is to accept that help is needed and it is not
possible to be all things to everyone.

-The final step is to contact a local Personal Concierge and start getting the help you need!

-Ashley Dempsey

Posted February 12th, 2010 in Uncategorized.

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