Do things that scare you….

I recently was invited to speak to a small group of banking professionals at a North Shore Credit Union Conference. From the moment I received the call from their Human Resources Manager I was filled with terror and excitement….I had yet to present anything on my business and the thought of all those eyes on [...]

Food Costs on the Rise

Just as we are getting used to the HST we are hit with another nasty price increase, and I’m not talking just about fuel. I’m talking about the one thing that all humans and other species) need to survive…..FOOD!
It seems a cruel joke that as we try to improve our lifestyles and eat in a [...]

Please people, start delegating.

I am starting to realize that the large obsticle standing in the way of most women being able to delegate, is ego and impatience. First of all, we couldn’t imagine anyone being able to manage our lives better than we can (which is true most of the time). And we don’t have the patience to [...]

Pricesmart vs Queensdale

As a professional shopper I spend a large portion of my week in grocery stores on the North Shore and Downtown. I definitely have my favorites. My store choices are based on the following; Client preference, busyness, store vibe, parking (underground is a major bonus being in Vancouver) and of course the quality of service [...]

The Importance of Communication

In an era where most people prefer to communicate by text message, facebook and e-mail, many of our important messages are lost in translation. In a business such as mine, commununication is one of the important keys to success.  When a client passes along a task it is my job to fully understand the request [...]

Thank you Telus

I often get asked what made me decide to start a Personal Concierge business and how I came up with the blue print this new type of service. I then recount the Telus phone call that changed my life.
I have always considered myself a patient person and one that is calm when faced with frusterating [...]

New Mommy

I am now reaching that age where all of my friends are shacking up, getting hitched, and creating tiny, cuter versions of themselves. This brings me to Squid (nickname of course),one of my oldest friends, who is now 5 months pregnant. Being service-minded I immediately start to think of all the inconveniences of motherhood and [...]

Pain vs Pleasure

I recentely took part in a discussion with 11 other female entrepreneurs about the challenges we face in our respective fields. During the discussion the theory of Pain vs Pleasure came about, at what point does a human being have so much pain that they are forced to make changes (if at all)?
That’s when I [...]

A quick look at Mrs. Beeton

For those of you who have not heard of Mrs. Beeton, she was a woman living in the 1800’s who made a important mark in history. She published a ‘How-to’ guide on being a flawless housewife.
Here are some of the few recommendations that she makes in order to maintain a perfect household:
1. AS WITH THE [...]

Women in the Workforce- ‘The family/work balance’

Since 2001 B.C.’s economy has generated over 381,000 new jobs, half of which are filled by women. With so many women choosing full time jobs over staying at home, the challenge to do it all is proving to be impossible.
Having to defend their choice is another struggle that many women are dealing with, the pressure [...]